by Sophia Shorai

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The summer of 2012 spurred a musical awakening, the dawning of high hopes for a new project including original songwriting, something this artist, Sophia Shorai, hadn’t ever had the confidence to finally share with the public. After a successful crowd-funding campaign through RocketHub and several recording sessions, here is the finished product. It is a definite departure from the jazz and pop cover albums of which Shorai has released throughout the past 10 + years. Thank you for listening and for all of your support.


released August 28, 2014

~ Engineering / Production: Dory Kahalé ~ Your musical talent has never ceased to amaze me. Thank ‎you. Truly.

~ Bass / Couples: Jeff Bailey ~ JB! If it weren't for those tearful yet extremely beneficial nights of ‎recording in Low Tones back in the early summer of ‘12, this album never would've come about. Love this ‎and love you.‎

~ Drums / Couples: Greg Schutte ~ Schootybooty! Thank you for not only offering your studio ‎expertise throughout the creation of this EP but also your consistent performance camaraderie. ‎And, for being my dear buddy. Let's get 'em! ‎

~ String Arrangement / Try: Jeff Victor ~ It has been nothing short of a wonderful pleasure to work with you on this song. Boundless gratitude.

~ Bryan Hanna: If it weren't for your brilliance and patience during the initial recording process at the Terrarium, I wouldn't have found the courage to release my own songs. Maybe we can revisit the first tracks someday? Thank you for you.

~ JT Bates & Bryan Nichols: You guys are just awesome. Had you not suggested at our Dakota gig in August '12 that we should do an all-original album, this project would've remained a simple jazz covers release. Thanks, fellas!

‎+++ This album ESPECIALLY would not have been possible without the significant ‎contributions ‎from the following people:‎

Fred Peterson and Sara Olson {My number one fans! Words cannot express how truly blessed I am that ‎you are my parents. I'd be nothing without you...obviously.}; Leila Irene, Emily Alexandria, Robert & Lucia {My dear hearts and the sweet babies. You dudes keep me pushing forward.}; Bernadette Pollard {My beautiful, oh-so-lovely creative comrade. I honestly don't think I ‎could get outta the front door without you, girl. LoveloveLOVE you always, you unicorn you.}; Conrad ‎R. Chao {I just cannot thank you enough. We'll be in touch as soon as your song is finished. ‎Much sooner than later, I promise. :-)}; Uncle Ken and Aunt Pen Fischer, Uncle Rick Peterson and ‎Wayne Bradley, and ‎Aunt Vicki Peterson and Family {My amazing extended family. I ‎love and miss you all so very much. Thank you so so so much for supporting this endeavor.}; Dave ‎Hassinger {Yo Fix It! Thank YOU! Summits on the Hillcrest deck with the tribe ASAP!}, ‎George Scot McKelvey {xxooxxoo etc}, Dean Vaccaro {ooxxoo}, ‎Joseph Pettini {xoxxox}, David ‎Anania {oxooxo}, Zachary Vex {Huge thanks to you and Stella!}, Jim Eagan {Heya! Yay! Thank you!}, and Micah Thomas {Thank you so much!}.

There are so many more wonderful folks who supported this project. You know who you are and a full heart of gratitude and love goes out to each and every one of you. Because of you all, this lil collection of music is FINALLY finished. Done and done.

{*I will be reaching out to all of those who contributed to the RocketHub campaign shortly to send out your free download cards and album posters. Talk very soon!}

All my love. Seriously. All of it.


all rights reserved



Sophia Shorai Minneapolis

A pop & jazz singer with equal parts heart, charm, and individuality, Sophia has been a mainstay on the Mpls/St. Paul music scene for the past 10 + years. Thank you for listening and please enjoy.

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