by Sophia Shorai

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The summer of 2012 spurred a musical awakening, the dawning of high hopes for a new project including original songwriting, something this artist, Sophia Shorai, hadn’t ever had the confidence to finally share with the public. After a successful crowd-funding campaign through RocketHub and several recording sessions, here is the finished product. It is a definite departure from the jazz and pop cover albums of which Shorai has released throughout the past 10 + years. Thank you for listening and for all of your support.


released 28 August 2014

~ Engineering / Production: Dory Kahalé {Your musical talent has never ceased to amaze me. Thank ‎you. Truly.}‎

~ Bass / Couples: Jeff Bailey {JB! If it weren't for those tearful yet extremely beneficial nights of ‎recording in Low Tones back in the early summer of ‘12, this album never would've come about. Love this ‎and love you.}‎

~ Drums / Couples: Greg Schutte {Schootybooty! Thank you for not only offering your studio ‎expertise throughout the creation of this album but also your consistent performance camaraderie. ‎And, for being my dear buddy. Let's get 'em!} ‎

~ String Arrangement / Try: Jeff Victor {It has been nothing short of a wonderful pleasure to work with you on this song. Boundless gratitude.}

~ Bryan Hanna: If it weren't for your brilliance and patience during the initial recording process at the Terrarium, I wound't have found the courage to release my own songs. Maybe we can revisit the first tracks someday? Thank you for you.

~ JT Bates & Bryan Nichols: You guys are just awesome. Had you not suggested at our Dakota gig in August '12 that we should do an all-original album, this project would've remained a simple jazz covers release. Thanks, guys!

‎+++ This album ESPECIALLY would not have been possible without the significant ‎contributions ‎from the following people:‎

Fred Peterson and Sara Olson {My number one fans! Words cannot express how truly blessed I am that ‎you are my parents. I'd be nothing without you...obviously.}; ‎ Leila Irene, Emily Alexandria, Robert & Lucia {My dear hearts and the sweet babies. You dudes keep me pushing forward.}; Bernadette Pollard {My beautiful, oh-so-lovely creative comrade. I honestly don't think I ‎could get outta the front door without you, girl. LoveloveLOVE you always, you unicorn you.}; ‎ Conrad ‎R. Chao {I just cannot thank you enough. We'll be in touch as soon as your song is finished. ‎Much sooner than later, I promise. :-)}; Uncle Ken and Aunt Pen Fischer, Uncle Rick Peterson and ‎Wayne Bradley, and ‎Aunt Vicki Peterson and Family {My amazing extended family members. I ‎love and miss you all so very much. Thank you for supporting this endeavor}; Dave ‎Hassinger {Yo Fix It! Thank YOU! Summits on the Hillcrest deck with the tribe ASAP!}, ‎George Scot McKelvey {xxooxxoo etc}, Dean Vaccaro {ooxxoo}, ‎Joseph Pettini {xoxxox}, David ‎Anania {oxooxo}, Zachary Vex {Huge thanks to you and Stella!}, Jim Eagan {Heya! Yay!}, and Micah Thomas {Thank you so much!}.

There are so many other wonderful folks who supported this project. You know who you are and a full heart of gratitude and love goes out to you. Because of you all, this lil collection of music is FINALLY finished. Done and done.

All my love. Seriously. All of it.



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Sophia Shorai Minneapolis

A singer with equal parts heart, charm, and individuality, Sophia has been a mainstay on the Mpls/St. Paul music scene for the past 10 + years. Here is her SIXTH studio album release to date ~ TRY. After a successful crowd-funding campaign & two years of several different recording sessions, this EP has finally found its way to fruition. Thank you for listening and please enjoy. ... more

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